Matrix Manipulation Technique as an Encryption Methods


Taukhid Wisnu Broto

Information technology was the common topic in more over day. One of interesting topics is encryption methods. As we know, live with digital data is more risky in some way.

The encryption is an important tool to protect digital data such as image file from attackers. It includes some traditional encryption, such as DES and RSA, and other methods. However, due to some intrinsic features of images, such as bulk data capacity and high correlation among pixels, traditional encryption algorithms are not suitable absolutely for practical image encryption.

The new two-dimensional map that proposed in as an encryption algorithm later will we improved with use of Multi-Dimensional Matrix method. The new two-dimensional map is a stretch-and-fold process that introduce by Shannon. In this case, the process will change the position of the image pixel among them.

Matrix manipulation technique has used in some encryption methods. Information encrypted algorithm based on matrix revolution disorder show up one of encryption method that uses this technique. Have explained, comparing with Baker map, one of typical maps that can use for image encryption, new two-dimensional map does better than in some fields.

  1. The key space is bigger than Baker map’s.
  2. The key is more sensitive than Baker map’s.
  3. There are no limits for image size.
  4. This map has a series simple formula.

Even tough, we identified that the New Two-Dimensional Map algorithm in still some possibilities to improve such as so it can be used for long square image form and also the improvement in encryption quality.

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